Ambipur Spray

Ambipur Spray

Robin Loves A Good Sniff Robin, my cute but moody daschund pal usually keeps to his corner at home and only gets busy when he is fed something. My folks don't like pet smells much and nor are the neighbours very appreciative of moody Robin who sometimes barks without reason. So this Sunday I decided that I was going to get him out, play and help him make some friends. A friend had recommended Ambi Pur’s refreshing spray as the sure fire recipe to get rid of pet smells around the house and make everyone comfortable. So I got one, checked the label to see if it was safe for pets and humans alike and got to work. First stop was the sofa where dad watches the news ! Danger Zone for Sure. I sprayed Ambi Pur and gingerly got Robin across to sit with me on the sofa.


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